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Spotlighting Our Oregon Team

Welcome, Oregon Coast STEM Hub Director! We are excited to announce that Dr. Kama Almasi has accepted the position of Director for the Oregon Coast STEM Hub and has just join the hub team! Dr. Almasi brings to our STEM Hub over 35 years experience in STEM research and education, from college level down to […]


Oregon Coast STEM Hub

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub promotes integrated science, technology, engineering and math education and serves coastal teachers, students and communities.  It is one of six Regional STEM Hubs funded in 2014-2015 by the Oregon Department of Education.  The Oregon Coast STEM Hub is centered at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport and serves the entire Oregon […]


Quests: Find the treasures in coastal communities

Oregon Coast Quests is a place-based education program at Oregon Sea Grant that uses clue-directed hunts to get people outside exploring their communities.  All that is needed to go on a self-guided Quest is a pencil, a set of directions, and a sense of adventure!  Follow the directions, collect the clues, and find the hidden […]