Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator

For effective and innovative classroom teaching at any grade level, or distinguished performance in marine/aquatic education by professionals who are not classroom teachers. (Only NAME members are eligible)

2019—John Hunter, Cathy Carolsfeld
2018—Maile Sullivan, Molly Sultany
2017—Fawn Custer
2016—Janice Mathisen, Rus Higley
2014—Leihla Scharlau, Cait Goodwin
2013—Anne Stewart
2012—Bill Hanshumaker, Ingrid Olsen
2011—Patrick Willis, Sean Rowe
2010—Giovannina Souers
2009—Susan Bullerdick
2008—Woody Moses, Padilla Bay Marine Educators
2007—Rob Coats
2006—Cory Samia, Karen Williams-Clarkson
2005—Margy Ransford, Jesica Haxel
2004—Sue Japhet, Patty Bowers
2003—Vivienne Torgeson, Jamie Fereday
2002—Bill Hastie
2000—Suzi Wong Swint
1999—Cedar Wells
1997—Bill Austin, Claudia Ingham

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Nominations must be received no later than June 15.