NAME Award Nominations

    Our annual conference is a great time to celebrate our profession, our work, our wisdom, and our accomplishments. What could be more gratifying then honoring a peer for his/her work in the profession of aquatic and marine education? Please share the following information!

    Do you know of any deserving NAME members who have put their hearts into aquatic and marine education? Here is your chance to honor them and recognize their work by sending in your nomination for one of NAME's Annual Awards, including outstanding classroom or non-classroom educator or organization.

    Awards will be presented at the annual summer NAME conference.

    NAME Awards are given out in the following categories:

    1) Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (Classroom)
    For effective and innovative classroom teaching at any grade level.
    (Only NAME members are eligible)

    2) Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (Non-classroom)
    For distinguished performance in marine/aquatic education by professionals who are not classroom teachers.
    (Only NAME members are eligible)

    3) Organization Award
    Given to a non-profit or local/state/regional agency for leadership in marine and aquatic education.

    Please check the appropriate nomination category:

    Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (Classroom)Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator (non-classroom)Outstanding Organization of the Year