The Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators (NAME) annual conference will be held in Netarts, OR on August 6-10, 2022. Each year this conference immerses educators from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and British Columbia in hands-on, engaging lessons focused on freshwater and marine ecosystems. This year, Netarts, OR will be our home base and through the theme of Coastal Re-Connections we will explore the geologic and indigenous history of the area, tide pools, dunes, estuary, and coastal forest. Participants will discover new curriculum opportunities for students of various levels and will have social time to share experiences and curriculum. Field experiences each day offer opportunities for kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, crabbing, clamming, hiking, and playing in the dunes. Evening activities offer relaxing beach bonfires, outdoor games and music, and our fabulous feast and gala on the outdoor bar deck at the Schooner! This event is organized locally, and we are requesting sponsorships from our community in a variety of forms.

Auction Items:

We welcome your creative, unique “aquatic” auction items! Jewelry, outdoor gear, any and all crafts/artwork, gift certificates for whale watching, fishing trips, bird watching, cabin/hotel/motel accommodations, or guided outdoor trips are just some ideas. There may be treasures in your attic just waiting for the NAME Auction! Solicitation of auction items on behalf of NAME is highly appreciated.

Cash Donations:

Each year NAME sets up a fund to sponsor participants who ordinarily would not be able to attend. Your tax-deductible cash donation goes to increase this fund.

Food Donations:

Your donation of breakfast and/or lunch items are greatly appreciated!

Download the 2022 Sponsor Information Packet

Saturday, August 6

  • 9:00 am–3:00 pm—Board Meeting
  • 4:00 pm—Check in
  • 6:00 pm—Reception

Sunday, August 7

  • 8:00 am—Breakfast/ Check-in
  • 9:00 am—Plenary
  • 10:00 am–12:00 pm—Concurrent sessions
  • 12:00–1:00 pm—Lunch
  • 1:00–5:00 pm—Concurrent sessions
  • Dinner on your own

Monday, August 8

  • 8:00 am—Breakfast/ Check-in/ Chapter meetings
  • 9:00 am–12:00 pm—Concurrent sessions
  • 12:00–1:00 pm—Lunch/ Sea Faire
  • 1:00–5:00 pm—Concurrent sessions
  • 6:00 pm—Banquet/ Awards/ Auction

Tuesday, August 9

  • 8:00 am—Breakfast/ Check-in
  • 8:30–10:00 am—AGM/ Plenary
  • 10:00 am–12:00 pm—Concurrent Sessions
  • 12:00–1:00 pm—Lunch/ Poster Session
  • 1:00–5:00 pm—Concurrent Sessions
  • 6:00 pm—BBQ on the Beach/ Jam session

Wednesday, August 10

  • 5:30 am—Clamming
  • 8–11—Clean up and check out

Questions? Contact our conference coordinators: Fawn Custer,, 541-270-0027 or Kay Shoemaker,, 907-952-2193.

Please submit your program proposal by May 15, 2022. Presenters will be expected to register for the conference and are encouraged to participate in other conference sessions, functions or events.

    Lead Presenter:

    Second Presenter:

    Third Presenter:

    Presentation Information:

    Presentation Type:

    Presentation Strand:


    The Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators (NAME) invites you to present at our 46th annual summer conference, “Coastal Re-Connections,” which will be held online and in person in Netarts, Oregon, from August 6-10, 2022.

    Northwest Aquatic & Marine Educators (NAME) is a dynamic organization of professionals dedicated to sharing the world of water and using the magic of marine and freshwater places to excite audiences about learning.

    Educators, researchers, students, and resource professionals from Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, and Northern California are invited to meet, learn, share, and socialize.  This year’s conference will be held in Netarts, Oregon.

    Please submit your program proposal by May 15, 2022.

    Presenters will be expected to register for the conference and are encouraged to participate in other conference sessions, functions or events.

    Submit Proposal

    2022 Conference Strands:


    Education topics have a focus on prepared materials for educators fulfilling the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities. 


    The Culture Strand includes topics with a keen focus on the traditional, indigenous knowledge, and/or the role of art in environmental education, STEAM, (includes artistic innovation). 

    STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

    STEAM topics cover the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and discoveries giving educators the background and tools needed to fulfill STEM and NGSS for both freshwater and coastal environments.

    We encourage any and all topics to be presented that represent one or more of these strands.

    Session Dates/Times:

    Workshops and Presentations

    Sunday, August 7th — Morning & afternoon, 60 & 90 minute

    Monday, August 8th — Morning or Afternoon, 60, 90, or 120 minute

    Tuesday, August 9th — Morning & afternoon, 60, 90, or 120 minute

    Workshops or presentations may be 60, 90, or 120 minutes in length.  Keeping with the “Re-Connections” theme, we are planning to have all the workshops/presentations outdoors!  This will give us opportunities to reconnect with each other as well as the natural world. If you have a Powerpoint or other media, we can post these on the NAME website. For presentations longer than 60 minutes, we encourage a hands-on, field-based, or experiential component.

    Please consider aligning your presentation and materials to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for K12 educators.  Both NGSS, freshwater, marine, as well as field-based presentations will have a special tag on our program schedule to help meet the needs of our members.

    Poster Session

    Monday, August 8th

    This year’s poster session is an engaging way to share research and citizen science projects that have a watershed, marine, ocean science, art, or learning science focus. This session will provide an opportunity for conference attendees to learn more about current projects and to talk directly with researchers and citizen scientists during an informal evening reception.  If you are selected to present a poster, we will provide additional information regarding the setup and take-down process, approximate size of the posters, and how posters will be mounted and displayed.  No A/V equipment will be available during this session.

    Sea Faire

    Tuesday, August 9th

    SeaFaire is a marketplace of displays where individuals, agencies and organizations can share educational ideas, programs, equipment and materials appropriate for marine and aquatic educators.

    Questions? Contact our conference coordinators: Fawn Custer,, 541-270-0027 or Kay Shoemaker,, 907-952-2193.

    Travel Information

    Netarts is a small community situated at the mouth of Netarts Bay, just south of Oceanside. Found amid lush coastal rainforest, Netarts, in the language of the local Tillamook tribe, means “near the water.”

    Renowned as one of the most beautiful areas on the Oregon Coast, Three Capes Scenic Loop is the home of The Terimore, Lodging by the Sea. Located off the beaten path in Netarts, Oregon, The Terimore rests in the heart of natural scenic beauty just minutes west of Tillamook. From Highway 101 in Tillamook, travel westbound on the Netarts Highway (westbound on Third Street from Main in Tillamook)  approximately 7 miles into Netarts. Take a left turn onto Crab Avenue and drive one block towards the ocean and you’ll find The Terimore on the left.

    Lodging Information

    NAME has booked the entire property for the 2022 conference from August 6-10. Conference lodging at The Terimore can be booked directly through NAME by emailing with the preferred unit number. Due to limited availability, lodging at The Terimore can only be booked for the full conference. Those wishing to stay for part of the conference can explore other lodging options below. Struck-through rooms have already been booked.

    Unit # SLPS LVL Beds KTCHN Pets View BDRM Extras $/night Total*
    17-Motel 2 1 Qx1 N N Y $119.00 $532.17
    18-Motel 2 1 Qx1 N Y Y $119.00 $532.17
    19-Motel 2 1 Qx1 N N Y $119.00 $532.17
    20-Motel 2 1 Qx1 N Y Y $119.00 $532.17
    21-Motel 2 2 Qx1 N N Y Balcony $134.00 $599.25
    22-Motel 2 2 Qx1 N Y Y Balcony $134.00 $599.25
    23-Motel 2 2 Qx1 N N Y Balcony $134.00 $599.25
    24-Motel 2 2 Qx1 N Y Y Balcony $134.00 $599.25
    25-Motel 4 3 Dx2 N N Y Balcony $161.00 $719.99
    26-Motel 4 3 Dx2 N Y Y Balcony $161.00 $719.99
    27-Motel 4 3 Dx2 N N Y Balcony $161.00 $719.99
    28-Motel 4 3 Dx2 N Y Y Balcony $161.00 $719.99
    14-Motel w/K 4 1 Qx1, Tx2 Y Y Y 1 $149.00 $666.33
    15-Motel w/K 4 1 Qx1, SBx1 Y N Y 1 Wood stove $159.00 $711.05
    16-Motel w/K 4 1 Qx1, Tx2 or SBx1 Y Y Y 1 Wood stove $159.00 $711.05
    2-Motel w/K 4 2 Qx1, SBx1 Y Y Y Loft $162.00 $724.46
    3-Motel w/K 4 2 Qx1, SBx1 Y N Y Loft Fireplace $172.00 $769.18
    4-Motel w/K 4 2 Qx1, SBx1 Y Y Y Loft Fireplace $172.00 $769.18
    1-Cabin 4 Qx1, SBx1 Y N N Studio $125.00 $559.00
    5-Cabin 6 Qx2, SBx1 Y Y O 2 Electric fireplace $161.00 $719.99
    6-Cabin 6 Qx2, SBx1 Y Y O 2 Electric fireplace $161.00 $719.99
    8-Cabin 4 Qx1, SBx1 Y Y N 1 Patio $125.00 $559.00
    9-Cabin 3 Qx1, SBx1 Y Y N Studio Patio $125.00 $559.00
    10-Cabin 4 Qx1, SBx1 Y Y N Studio $129.00 $576.89
    29-Cottage 6 Qx2, SBx1 Y Y Y 2 Fireplace, deck $220.00 $983.84
    11-Apartment 4 Qx1, SBx1 Y N N 1 $149.00 $666.33
    12-Motel 2 Qx1 N N N 0 $100.00 $447.20

    *This total is the amount due for 4 nights, including taxes.

    Property and Cancellation Policies

    Check-In: 4:00 PM; Check-Out: 12:00 PM

    72 Hour Cancellation Policy: Cancellation less than 72 hours – 1 night lodging plus tax. No cancellation, No show – Full reservation charge including taxes.

    Rates quoted above are for one or two adults. Up to two children aged 12 and under are free except for loft rooms. There is a $10 charge for each additional person.

    Pet fee for approved rooms: 1 or 2 pets; $25 per night added to cost of your room at the time of payment. The maximum pet fee is $100 for reported pets. Pets not registered prior to check in will be automatically charged to your card @ $50 per night.

    No Smoking Policy: All rooms and balconies are Non-Smoking. Smoking is NOT allowed in any room. Smoking is allowed only in outdoor areas but not immediately outside the room. ANY violation of this policy will result in an additional cleaning fee of $150.00

    Unit Map

    Other Lodging Options

    Become a Sponsor!

    Help support communities of life-long learners who care about our aquatic world! 

    Your donations & sponsorships will be used to: 

    • provide unique learning & leadership opportunities for students and educators; 
    • promote understanding of ocean literacy and sustainable ecosystems; 
    • support and empower a diverse network of water-wise students and educators; 
    • provide conference scholarships to ensure equal access to this amazing learning experience

    Sponsorship Levels



    • Three complimentary conference registrations 
    • Option to sponsor a specific session or event 
    • Exhibitor listing on virtual conference platform 
    • Sponsorship banner on virtual conference platform 
    • Sponsor logo displayed on conference website 


    ($500 – $999) 

    • Two complimentary conference registrations 
    • Sponsorship banner on virtual conference platform 
    • Sponsor logo displayed on conference website 


    ($250 – $499) 

    • One complimentary conference registration 
    • Sponsorship banner on virtual conference platform 
    • Sponsor logo displayed on conference website 


    ($100 to $249) 

    • One complimentary conference registration 
    • Sponsor logo displayed on conference website 



    • Sponsor any number of conference registrations for youth, Indigenous community members, or other educators to attend the conference free of charge 
    • Sponsor logo displayed on conference website 

    Accessing Sponsorship Benefits

    Once you become a sponsor, you will be able to access a variety of benefits. Please follow the instructions below to access these benefits.

    Complimentary conference registrations—Please have your representatives register through NAME or CaNOE and select “Invoice Me” during the registration process. Once that is done, please send the names of the representatives to and our registrars will then complete the registration for you.

    Exhibitor listing and Sponsorship Banner—We will send a link in early August for you to set up your virtual exhibitor booth and/or sponsorship profile through Whova.

    Option to sponsor a specific session or event—Please let us know which event on our agenda you would like to sponsor

    Sponsor logo—Please send a web-ready logo to for posting on our conference website

    Access for all—Please send us the name/s of participants you would like to sponsor, or let us select a candidate from our scholarship applicant pool.

    Please contact the sponsorship committee at with any questions.

    Tim Masso

    Tim Masso

    Tim Masso is an accomplished public speaker in English and Nuu-chah-nulth—something few can say. At 18, he stands tall in his fourth year of an undergraduate degree program at the University of Victoria, focused on the revitalization and learning of Indigenous languages.

    As a young Tla-o-qui-aht boy, Tim was never willing to bend to a status quo. He noticed many connections between land, language and culture, and how the language connects and grounds us to a place. Yet his language was not part of his own elementary school curriculum located in the heart of Nuu-chah-nulth territories (“along the mountains and sea”) on west coast Vancouver Island.

    Fast forward to 2021. The Nuu-chah-nulth language program, empowered by Tim’s passion, has eclipsed French as the second language of choice at Ucluelet Secondary, and Tim returned to Ucluelet Elementary for his first UVic teaching practicum. He has changed the course of history and demonstrated how a modern direction can truly honour ancient traditions.

    Tim lives steps from the sea and hopes to be a commercial fisherman. His leadership will continue to empower young Nuu-chah-nulth-aht language learners and other youth to dream, create, perform and command in this beautiful language, rooted in place, and held-fast ‘along the mountains and sea.’

    Tim is included in this interactive story about Revitalizing Vancouver Island’s Indigenous Languages from CBC News.

    Tim will share his journey, the many connections between land, language and culture, and how the language connects and grounds us to a place.

    Dr. Kate Moran

    Dr. Kate Moran

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Networks Canada

    Before being appointed as President & CEO of Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) in 2012, Dr. Kate Moran developed years of experience in the industry of ocean research. Her previous appointment was Professor and Associate Dean at the University of Rhode Island, where she played an active role in both the Graduate School of Oceanography and the Department of Ocean Engineering. From 2009 to 2011, Dr. Moran was seconded to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy where she served as an Assistant Director and focused on Arctic, polar, ocean, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and climate policy issues. Since joining Ocean Networks Canada, Professor Moran has been active in public outreach on topics related to the Arctic, ocean observing, and climate—threads that she wove into a TEDx Talk in 2012.

    ONC specializes in ocean monitoring and data collection while also fostering learning and engagement with the Ocean Sense program. This novel education program allows coastal communities, educators and students to collaborate and develop skills in analysing, understanding and sharing ocean data and knowledge. Data collected from Ocean Networks Canada’s observatories is used to create an immersive learning platform and promote ocean education and exploration.

    Presentation topic: The Internet Connected Ocean

    Dr. Tom ReimchenDr. T. E. Reimchen

    Adjunct Professor of Biology, University of Victoria

    Tom Reimchen was born and raised on the Canadian prairies and received a BSc in Zoology at the University of Alberta in 1970. His interests then took him to Great Britain, where he completed his DPhil in marine ecology and genetics in 1974, before returning to Canada. Thus began four decades of ground-breaking research in Haida Gwaii and the Great Bear Rainforest.

    His work began from a remote cabin on Drizzle Lake in Haida Gwaii, where “Stickleback Tom” and his team documented an incredible range of adaptations of Threespine Sticklebacks to diverse conditions in over 100 lakes. Since 1997, he has been teaching at the University of Victoria and continued his research programs with his students.  Their work on salmon-bear interactions led to the novel concept of Salmon Forests and provided important insight to the evolution of the Spirit Bear and the long-term well-being of our coastal ecosystems.

    Tom values the power of knowledge, teaching and lifelong learning. Combined with his innovative thinking, careful field observations, and use of technology, he has helped shape our understanding of important coastal ecology issues of our time. Join us as he shares this incredible journey.

    Learn more about Tom’s research and the Reimchen lab here.

    Presentation topic: The marine-terrestrial interface in British Columbia: salmon, herring, bears and forests

    Special Presentation

    Andy LambAndy Lamb

    Andy Lamb is a marine naturalist and educator extraordinaire.  He has worked as both Chief Collector and Education Coordinator at the Vancouver Aquarium, and as a fish culturist with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.  Andy’s impact on marine and aquatic education is widely recognized, as reflected by his well-deserved appointment as a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s College of Fellows in 2017; and Honorary Doctorate in Education from the University of Victoria in 2019.

    Over the last 50 years, Andy has also found time for thousands of dives in the Pacific NW.  The extraordinary teamwork with co-author Bernard P. Hanby (who took the underwater images) and Andy (who provided research material) led to the publication of Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest: a photographic encyclopedia of invertebrates, seaweeds and selected fishes.  This extraordinary book is a common feature of many of our bookshelves!

    Join Andy from his home on Thetis Island, as he takes us on an up-close and personal tour of the Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest; and introduces us to the new, improved and easily accessible online version of the most comprehensive collection ever published of photographs and information about Pacific Northwest marine life.

    Limited scholarship awards are available to NAME members in need of financial assistance to attend the 2021 virtual conference, so please purchase or renew your membership before submitting a scholarship application.  NAME offers several membership types, including a reduced rate for students, seniors and anyone with limited income. Once you have submitted your application, you can register for the conference and defer payment until award decisions have been made.

    Apply for a scholarship

    Criteria: Scholarship awards are based on financial need, applicability of conference content to career/future career of the applicant, and NAME’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

    Selection and Award: All applications for 2021 conference scholarships are confidential and will be seen only by the 2021 Conference Scholarship Committee, made up of NAME and CaNOE board members.

    Conference Registration: Scholarship applicants can register for the conference at any time and defer payment until scholarship decisions are made. Simply choose “Invoice Me” during the registration process. Successful applicants will receive an updated invoice with the reduced conference fees. If a scholarship award is not granted and an applicant decides not to attend the conference, they may withdraw their registration.

    Application: To apply, please complete and submit the scholarship application for the 2021 conference. Please contact Cathy Carolsfeld ( for more information.