OCEP Partners

The following links will take you to the education pages of the OCEP core institution websites.

Oregon Coast Aquarium (OCAq)

Come explore Oregon’s Aquarium in Newport, Oregon!
“The Oregon Coast Aquarium is dedicated to helping students and teachers understand the wealth and fragility of Oregon’s coastal resources so that future generations will cherish and conserve them. We offer many teaching resources and outreach programs for curious minds of all ages.” http://www.aquarium.org/

The Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB)

UO - Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Located in Charleston, Oregon, OIMB is the teaching and research lab of the University of Oregon. In recent years, OIMB graduate students and professors have worked closely with local school districts through the GK-12 Program to develop a rich set of hands-on marine based curriculum and activities closely tied with MARE curriculum. http://www.uoregon.edu/~oimb/Academics/GK12/

Oregon Sea Grant at Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC)

Oregon Sea Grant logoOregon Sea Grant offers a variety of formal and informal learning opportunities at Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, Oregon. Check out the K-12 Programs link to learn more about field trip opportunities both in the lab and in the field to enrich your student’s experience with Oregon Coast residents and habitats.

South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve (SSNERR)

South Slouth National Estuarine Research ReserveConnect with the nation’s first estuarine research reserve in Charleston, Oregon. The Estuary Study Program offers a variety of opportunities to get your students to experience first hand the watershed to ocean connection at South Slough. Be sure to plan ahead to visit in the spring or fall with your students. http://www.oregon.gov/DSL/SS/Pages/About.aspx

Friends of Tryon Creek State Park

Tryon Creek

Nestled into Portland’s urban area you will find Tryon Creek State Park to be a suprisingly wild place with lots of stories to tell and many trails to walk. Be sure to check their website for information on informal programs as well as scheduling a field trip program for your students. “The Friends of Tryon Creek State Park offer hands-on, experiential field trips that teach basic concepts in science and natural history. The mission of the Friends of Tryon Creek is to share our passion for the preservation and conservation of nature with the goal of instilling that value in all who we encounter.” http://www.tryonfriends.org/

High Desert Museum (HDM)

High Desert MuseumHigh Desert Museum is located just south of Bend, OR in the scenic central Oregon Deshutes watershed. “Through exhibits, wildlife, and living history, High Desert Museum creates learning experience to help audiences discover their connection to the past, their role in the present, and their responsibility to the future. We strive to be a valuable, ongoing resource for pre-K through grade 12.” The education program offers a variety of programs that can be held either at the museum or at your school that are all aligned to Oregon state education standards. Come take a self-guided field trip using materials developed by HDM or even a Discovery Tour that engage students in the exhibits and various activities with volunteers. http://www.highdesertmuseum.org/

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