Protected Areas

Stewardship—Protected Areas

Summary: Marine resources can be conserved through the establishment of National Marine Sanctuaries, Marine Protected Areas, and other protections. Students will learn about the importance of and controversies surrounding these protected areas.

Concepts to teach: National Marine Sanctuary, Marine Protected Area, conservation

Goals: Students learn about spatial planning issues affecting marine environments in Oregon, and how they affect ecosystem health, natural resource availability, and the economy.


Specific Objectives:

  1. Locate and compare National Marine Sanctuaries and Marine Protected Areas in Oregon.
  2. Identify the habitats and species most affected by these protections.
  3. Describe how protected areas affect the fishing community.

Activity Links and Resources:

  • Exploring Sanctuaries—This NOAA lesson from National Marine Sanctuaries focuses on diverse marine ecosystems and resource protections.
  • Common Ground—These online videos about Marine Protected Areas in Oregon describe highlight the diversity in views among stakeholders.
  • Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership – Find out where Oregon’s marine reserves are located, what makes them special, and how to learn more about what is happening inside them.
  • Hold a debate about the effect Marine Protected Areas have or may have on the fishing industry.


  • Poster and oral presentations included in the Exploring Sanctuaries curriculum.