Human Impacts—Invasive Species Impacts

Summary: The Oregon Sea Grant Extension WISE Program (Watershed and Invasive Species Education) provides teacher resources for teaching about invasive species in Oregon. WISE teachers have created, tested and posted their lesson plans online, and we highlight some of those projects in this focus area.

Concepts to teach: Invasive species

Goals: Students learn to recognize examples of aquatic invasive species and understand the impact these invaders have on the health of the environment.


Specific Objectives:

  1. Identify several invasive species in the local community.
  2. Explain the ecological and financial impact invasive species have in Oregon.

Activity Links and Resources:


  • Use or develop formative assessment probes to gauge student understanding about the water cycle. The following probes from Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, vol. 2 could be applied or modified (to obtain Uncovering Student Ideas in Science publications or access sample chapters, visit the NSTA website):
    • Habitat Change—explores student understanding of how animal populations are affected when habitats are changed. Consider modifying this instrument to address student understanding of how competition from invasive species can affect native populations.
  • Example of assessment questions prior to a field trip: Field Trip Preassessment
  • Research and describe the impact an invasive species has on the local environment.
  • Search for examples of student work samples on the right side of the Invasive Species 101 website.