Stewardship—Team Marine

Summary: Turn environmental awareness into student action. “Team Marine” from Santa Monica High School is an active student group that tries to “raise awareness about the global marine debris, energy and climate change crises through different service learning and community outreach projects.” Team Marine maintains a website with their achievements, resource links, and community outreach ideas.

Concepts to teach: Stewardship, community outreach, public awareness

Goals: Empower students to work as a team and share their learning with the public through creative activities that raise awareness about environmental issues.

SS.HS.GE.07, SS.HS.SA.01

Specific Objectives:

  1. Identify a local water quality issue and simple solutions that the public can undertake to improve environmental health.
  2. Work in conjunction with local water quality stewardship organizations in their existing restoration, clean up, and/or public education campaigns.
  3. Devise an independent way to raise awareness of the water quality issue.

Activity Links and Resources:

  • To identify local water quality issues, explore the Citizen Biomonitoring, Nonpoint Source Pollution, and Real Time Data topic guides.
  • Team Marine—This active student group in California may serve as an inspiration or model for Oregon students. Their website contains descriptions of the activities they have undertaken, competitions in which they have been involved, student-created media public service announcements, and partner links.
  • Surfrider Blue Water Task Force
    • Teach and Test—Throughout the school year, students from 5 southern California high schools coordinate with Surfrider to collect bi-weekly water samples from beaches and wetland areas.
    • Urban Runoff—This video from Green Observers describes the Santa Monica H.S. students’ involvement in the Surfrider Teach and Test program.


  • Produce effective outreach materials to the public that share information and provide steps people can take to improve ocean and watershed health (Ex. poster, PSA, website, public speaking, etc)