Introduction—Observing Estuaries

Summary: Students will investigate landforms and features associated with estuaries. They will then use Google Earth and other resources to engage in a scavenger hunt to locate and identify said estuarine landforms and features.

Concepts to teach: Habitats and Species; Landforms; Estuaries

Goals: Students will learn what an estuary is and the various features and landforms that are present in such systems.

H.2L.2, H.2E.4

Specific Objectives: Students will:

  1. Describe differences between upland non-estuarine and estuarine landforms and features.
  2. Visually identify and describe various landforms and features including salt marshes, barrier beaches, peninsulas, headlands, spits, mud flats, fjords, deltas, coves, harbors, sounds, and others.

Activity Links and Resources:


  • See the Check for Understanding section of the Estuary Education lesson plan.