Oregon Coast Education Program

Coastal Education Modules

Welcome to the OCEP Coastal Education Modules. The following links lead to curriculum and activities recommended and developed by the Oregon Coast Education Program. They are divided into three grade bands:  Elementary (3rd – 5th grade), Middle School (6th – 8th grade) and High School (9th -12th grade). The activities outlined in the modules are aligned to standards and can be used to support Meaningful Watershed Educational Experiences (MWEEs), providing educators with tools to prepare and engage students in hands-on learning about Oregon's coastal ecosystems and their connections to Oregonians living throughout the state.

Each Module is subdivided into three focus areas. Choose a grade band to enter each Module and explore what we have to offer:

Module 1
Coastal Ecosystems & Ecology
Module 2
Impacts & Solutions
Module 3
Climate Change
Land & Water Use
Sustainable Harvests
Rising Sea
Weather & Climate
Blue Chemistry
Elementary Elementary Elementary
Middle School Middle School Middle School
High School High School High School

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