Oregon Coast Education Program

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Below are more recommended resources for Oregon Coast Education Program field experiences

Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management

Learn more about the variety of environmental education opportunities in your area through the BLM.

Oregon State Parks

Contact individual parks for more information on local weather, places to explore and interpretive programs for school groups. http://www.oregonstateparks.org/

Oregon Tidepools

Created by Oregon State Parks, this website shows where to find popular tidepools, guides to tidepool organisms, and tips to make your trip a success. oregontidepools.org/

Oregon State Parks also produces a terrific brochure that highlights accessible rocky intertidal areas along Oregon’s Coast. http://library.state.or.us/repository/2009/200902061239175/

Oregon Coast Atlas

The following link is a searchable tool for finding coastal access points along Oregon. Searches can look for specific available activities as well as types of facilities available at each site. http://www.coastalatlas.net/ Follow the link and look under Tools to find the Coastal Access Inventory.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)

Contact your local ODFW office to learn more about availability of classroom visits to dissect salmon or to visit the local fish hatchery. Fall and early winter are typically the best time to visit a hatchery. Also check out information on different fisheries and shellfish collection.

Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

Contact your local watershed council to see if classroom visits with watershed tables or trailers are available. http://oregonwatersheds.org/

Tillamook Estuary Partnership (TEP)

TEP is a partnership between the five estuaries (and their watersheds) located in Tillamook County. Check the Resources page for water trail guides and education kits: http://www.tbnep.org/

Oregon Coast Quests

Quests are fun, place-based adventures that use clues and hints to encourage you to explore the natural, cultural and historical treasures of Oregon's central coast. Suitable for groups of all ages, Quests allow you to search at your own pace through parks and other public spaces in Lincoln, Coos, Curry and Benton counties. http://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/quests

Oregon Coast county & city parks (listed form North to South)