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2014—Bandon 2015—Seattle 2016—Metchosin 2017—TBD
2010—Florence 2011—Port Angeles 2013—Crescent Beach 2012—Anchorage
(NAME hosted NMEA National Conference)
2007—Astoria 2008—Friday Harbor 2009—Vancouver  
2003—Newport 2004—Olympia 2005—Bamfield 2006—Seward
1999—Charleston 2000—Port Townsend 2001—Victoria
(NAME hosted NMEA National Conference)
1995—Astoria 1996—Seattle 1997—Vancouver
(Joint Conference with NAAEE)
(NAME hosted NMEA National Conference)
  1993—Cowichan Lake 1994—Sitka
1990—Portland 1991—Port Townsend    
1986—Newport 1987—Bellingham 1988—Campbell River 1989—Homer
1982—Astoria 1983—Everett 1984—Victoria
(NAME hosted NMEA National Conference)
1978—Newport 1979—Grays Harbor 1980—Vancouver 1981—Sitka
  1976—Poulsbo   1977—Sitka
14-15 Giovannina Souers, WA 15-16 Casey Ralston, WA
12-13 Anne Stewart, BC 13-14 Joy Tally, OR
10-11 Alan Rammer, WA 11-12 Fawn Custer, OR
08-09 Linda Maxson, WA 09-10 Sean “Bill” Hastie, OR
06-07 Orlay Johnson, WA 07-08 Debbie Smith, WA
04-05 Susan Wertz, WA 05-06 Susie Vanderburg, WA
02-03 Margy Ransford, BC 03-04 Susan Wertz, WA
00-01 Tom Gaskill, OR 01-02 Tom Gaskill, OR
98-99 Sally Lider, WA 99-00 Patricia Williams, OR
96-97 Bill Hanshumaker, OR 97-98 Alan Rammer, WA
94-95 Kristi Silver, WA 95-96 Susan Wertz, WA
92-93 Pat Willis, OR 93-94 Mike Spranger, WA
90-91 Doug Emery, WA 91-92 Pat Willis, OR
88-89 Kathleen Heidenreich, WA 89-90 Vicki Osis, OR
86-87 Belle Heffner, AK 87-88 Laurie Dumdie, WA
84-85 Vicki Osis, OR 85-86 Jim Kolb, WA
82-83 Gene Williamson, OR 83-84 Rod MacVicar, BC
80-81 Bill Hastie, OR 81-82 Andrea Marrett, WA

Outstanding Marine/Aquatic Educator

For effective and innovative classroom teaching at any grade level, or distinguished performance in marine/aquatic education by professionals who are not classroom teachers. (Only NAME members are eligible)

2014—Leihla Scharlau, Cait Goodwin
2013—Anne Stewart
2012—Bill Hanshumaker, Ingrid Olsen
2011—Patrick Willis, Sean Rowe
2010—Giovannina Souers
2009—Susan Bullerdick
2008—Woody Moses, Padilla Bay Marine Educators
2007—Rob Coats
2006—Cory Samia, Karen Williams-Clarkson
2005—Margy Ransford, Jesica Haxel
2004—Sue Japhet, Patty Bowers
2003—Vivienne Torgeson, Jamie Fereday
2002—Bill Hastie
2000—Suzi Wong Swint
1999—Cedar Wells
1997—Bill Austin, Claudia Ingham

To nominate an individual for this award, please fill out the online nomination form (preferred), or download and submit nomination form to Alan Rammer, NAME Awards Chair. Nominations must be received no later than June 1.

President’s Award

This award is given by the current NAME President to a deserving NAME member.

2014—Rob Coats
2013—Sheila Byers
2012—Robin Dublin
2011—Jennifer Magnusson, Bill Hastie
2010—Fawn Custer, Joy Tally
2009—Orlay Johnson
2008—Linda Maxson
2007—Fawn Custer
2006—Bill Hastie
2005—Kathleen Heidenreich
2003—Vicki Osis
2002—Karen Williams-Clarkson
1999—Alan Rammer

Honorary Lifetime Members

2012—Gene Williamson
2011—Gloria Snively
2010—Vicki Osis
Neal Maine
Craig MacGowan
Bill Austin

Organization Award

This award is given to a non-profit or local/state/regional agency for leadership in marine and aquatic education.

2014—Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific
2013—Hatfield Marine Science Center (a note from HMSC)
2008—Marine Discovery Tours

To nominate an individual for this award, please fill out the online nomination form (preferred), or download and submit nomination form to Alan Rammer, NAME Awards Chair. Nominations must be received no later than June 1.

In Loving Memory: Bill Hastie (November 6, 1943 - May 3, 2012)

bill hastieMarine education lost a great supporter recently, when our friend Bill Hastie passed away after a courageous battle with prostate cancer. Bill will be greatly missed!

Bill was a pillar of NMEA for more than three decades; he was always an inclusive, welcoming purveyor of good spirit, fun, laughter and camaraderie. His warm, compassionate fun-loving personality was balanced by a competent hard-working productive professionalism that embodied the best of NMEA.

Bill was passionate about his love for all things aquatic. He was an avid sailor, fly fisherman and a prominent leader in formal and informal teacher workshops, symposiums and watershed education. Bill was the living, breathing example of the NMEA mission statement; “To make known the world of water, both fresh and salt.” Throughout his career, he continued to make connections between the fresh and salt water environments. He was a leader in watershed education that begins at the mountain tops, and ends in the open ocean. He actively promoted stewardship through his educational programs; he was a firm believer that everyone needs to know their “ecological address” (what watershed did they live in…and what actions could they take within their watershed to improve and protect it).

Bill was a major influence in teaching at all levels. He was an outstanding high school teacher before moving to the state level as aquatic education specialist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW). Working with the “hooks and bullets” crowd (as he would call it), he actively supported increased ocean and water literacy with these outdoor folks long before it became a popular phrase. He held countless workshops for teachers through such programs as Project WET; Project Wild; Water, Water Everywhere, and Creeks and Kids. In many cases he helped create the curricula, served as reviewer and/or adapted to fit the local scene.
Everyone who met Bill will never forget him: his very positive outlook on life, his dedication and passion about making known the world of water, and his belief that we can make a difference in this world today.

In Memory of Johnette Bosarge

johnette bosargeMany of you may have already heard this sad and terrible news. Our dear friend, Johnette Bosarge, the Executive Assistant and only paid employee of the National Marine Educators Association, passed away suddenly on March 13.

She was a month shy of her 60th birthday. At this moment, many of us who have been involved in NMEA for many years, are simply in shock, and unsure of how the organization will ever carry on without Johnette. I am certain, however, that we will carry on, and that we will do so with the spirited efficiency and kindness that Johnette brought to her work each day. Her intellect was understated and razor-sharp, her warmth immeasurable. She called herself an "assistant," but we all knew the truth--that she ran the place!

For many years Johnette Bosarge was the only employee of NMEA. She was the face of NMEA to many and kept the organization running. Johnette is sorely missed by her friends and family, and by her NMEA family and NAME extended family as well.  Many of you have asked how you can support a lasting tribute to Johnette, and several people have spontaneously made donations
to NMEA in Johnette's name. In response to this outpouring, the Executive Committee of the NMEA Board of Directors have established the Johnette Bosarge Memorial Fund. Details have not yet been finalized, but contributions to the fund will most likely be used to create an endowment supporting a scholarship to the NMEA Annual Conference each year--forever. The fund may serve more than one purpose, but we all agree that sending a worthy recipient to the conference that Johnette loved so much and worked so hard to make successful would bring a big smile to her face.

The Executive Committee of the NMEA Board of Directors have established the Johnette Bosarge Memorial Fund. If you would like to contribute, make your check payable to NMEA, and write on the memo line, “In Memory of Johnette.”

Mail to: Don Hudson, NMEA Treasurer, 26 Mosquito Run, Arrowsic, Maine 04530