The Northwest Aquatic and Marine Educators (NAME)
is a “family” of educators passionate about oceans and watersheds.
We believe in the magic of the world of water and its ability to facilitate learning.
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39th Annual Conference

Connecting Communities through Water

Join us for the 39th Annual Conference
July 13th - 17th, 2014 | Bandon, Oregon

About Northwest Aquatic & Marine Educators

NAME was founded in 1976 and became a chapter of the National Marine Educators Association in 1980. In the early 1990s NAME expanded its mission and membership to include all aquatic environments, recognizing that marine and aquatic ecosystems, environments, and issues are linked together, and that educators working in both environments share common beliefs and strategies. NAME includes members from Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. Annual NAME conferences rotate through these states and provinces. In addition, each state or province offers local professional development opportunities for formal and non-formal educators.

NAME is a “family” of educators who believe:

  • That every human on Earth needs to be water-literate.
  • In sharing our knowledge, experiences, and visions about the world of water with others.
  • That the sharing of that vision creates a community, and that this community supports each of us personally and professionally.
  • That informed stewardship of the ocean and watersheds of our region is essential for the continued survival of all life, and the cultural and spiritual well-being of the stewards.
  • In using the allure of water, both salt and fresh, to enrich and facilitate learning in all subjects and environments.

These are our Core Values, values that drive the work we do. We are also guided by a Strategic Plan, annual education and event plans for each province and state, and an innovative, energetic Board of Directors.

Our Goals

  • Encourage professional growth by offering quality workshops, conferences, field experiences, and in-services in the Pacific Northwest
  • Share information and education materials focused on marine and aquatic environments and issues
  • Promote the magic of water as a catalyst for learning

NAME is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.